FAME “Flossing And Making Ends”

From Cali to Texas, hip hop artist “Fame” found his love for music and established a style that aims in many directions and relates to many people. The name Fame comes from “Flossing And Making Ends.”Being from California, artists like Snoop Dogg, NWA, and Ice Cube were the first rappers he ever heard and had an influence on his career as an artist.
When Fame moved to Texas, he moved to a city called ” Victoria” which is South of Houston and was then influenced by artist like Z-ro, Ricochet and Slim Thug.However, a well respected late artist named ” 50 Pak ” who most call a legend in the city of Victoria, had a major impact on his rap career and inspired him to take rap serious.

In 2003, he was apart of a group called “Double U” in which they released three mixtapes and one album over a period of time. One of the mixtapes was hosted by ” DJ Chill” of Houston, Texas and featured female rapper “Babs” of Bad Boy Records. The album was produced by “Noke D” of WreckShop Records and had influential artist like D Gotti, Big Pokey, Ronnie Spencer, and Lil C featured.

Fame branched off from the group due to legal reasons and has released 5 mixtapes and 2 albums since then. He is currently pushing new hot single ” Commas & Digits” Ft. Jew from Atlanta. You can find his music on all streaming platforms or by googling his name.
The newest album you can expect from him is called ” This is 4 You” which will be presented by ABEBK AND 2020 Vision ENT. The album will express many different things from pain,hustling and real life events.Five singles from the project will be released before the album is dropped.

He has also worked with artist like Just Brittany and Kevin Gates of BWA. Fame and Just Brittany collaborated on a single called ” New Thing”. The single with Kevin Gates called ” Fake ” talks about dealing with fake individuals and getting them from around you. You can find both songs on his YouTube page.

To elevate his career as an artist, he has been working with a marketing and promotion team based out of Corpus Christi, Texas which is home to the legendary Selena Quintanilla. He has also disciplined his self by learning different techniques like mixing his own music that way he doesn’t have to deal with any middle mans and could put that money towards promotion. Utilizing social media and investing in his craft is something he has been doing more to increase his visibility.

One of the many struggles he has faced as an artist is gaining the support he deserves. He stated that people support him on social media, but in reality its different. Also, living in a smaller city like Victoria, TX he feels that if everyone came together and supported each other the artist in the area could prosper. In his opinion, a crowd movement is better than someone moving alone. Crowd movement will attract more attention to the area.

Who is Fame?
” A Genuine and real individual” that will pass on what he knows and wants to see musicians prosper.
Be sure to follow him on all social media platforms ” Fameabebk” and tap into his music !!

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