Dave East Flips Future & Drake’s “Life Is Good” On New EastMix Dave East – Dirty Lil N***a

Dirty Lil N***a

Dave East is back with his latest drop, “Dirty Lil N***a” for the latest EastMix offering.

Dave East‘s only a few months removed from his debut album Survival but he’s already warming up for a new mixtape. After releasing “REALLY WIT ME” a few days ago, serving as the official lead single off of Karma 3, the rapper is back with another EastMix as he continues to apply pressure on the game. East tackles Future and Drake‘s “Life Is Good” for “Dirty Lil N***a.” Dave East’s back in his comfort zone on this one as he lets off a clip without a structure. It’s just bars and major flexes for East who reflects on his glo’ up since doing his first backflip off of a mattress. 

Check out Dave East‘s remix of Drake & Future‘s “Life Is Good.” Keep your eyes peeled for more news of Karma 3.

Quotable Lyrics
Slide up on you like a stranger
N***as is famous, we go through the back
I wouldn’t smoke with her if I was you
Shorty just had her throat in my lap
I just woke up in a mansion
You ever woke up in a trap?
My man was toked up and strapped 
Heard that he went on the run
I just hope he get back

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