Dababy – Shut Up (Official Music Video)

Partway through DaBaby’s video for his new song “Shut Up,” the Charlotte rap supernova pauses, rubbing his leg and talking to the camera: “That’s what happens when you get over a million dollars in a weekend, man. Your foot go numb.”

DaBaby has been on an absolutely absurd hot streak lately. Over the course of 2019, DaBaby rose up out of regional YouTube obscurity to become one of rap’s biggest stars, releasing two albums along the way. (If you count Blank Blank, the mixtape that DaBaby released late in 2018, that was three albums in 12 months, on top of innumerable guest verses.) Today, DaBaby has posted his video for a new song called “Shut Up,” a typically goony volley against anyone who doubts his success or says that he’s in the illuminati or whatever. In the video’s intro, DaBaby promises that he’ll do even more in 2020 than he did last year. It’s hard to imagine how that’s even possible.

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