Daniel Hernandez, aka, Tekashi 69, aka 6ix9ine, appears at his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday, July 11, 2018. He was arrested earlier Wednesday on an assault warrant from Texas. (Photo by Jefferson Siegel/NY Daily News via Getty Images)

Feds Reveal They Had A Confidential Informant In 6ix 9ine’s Crew; Dummy Boy Leaks

The reported Confidential Informant **cough** Snitch **cough** was recording 6ix 9ine and his crew that they will use against him.

As of Monday morning on November 26 rapper Tekashi 6ix 9ine, Daniel Hernandez, has plead not guilty to his federal charges, and a judge has set his date as such for September 4th, 2019. Which means 6ix 9ine will have to be behind bars for just under a year as his lawyer, Lance Lazarro, has had no luck in convincing the judge to allow him bail.

6ix 9ine is currently facing federal charges for racketeering, firearms and armed robbery that he is accused of being “personally a part of”. The case against Hernandez is mounting as Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Longyear has dropped a bomb claiming that they had a confidential informant in his crew monitoring his activities. The Feds also claim that they have been watching his social media like a hawk for the past year and claim that the content they will be using against him is “quite voluminous”. Things aren’t looking too good for 6ix 9ine as November continues to not be his month, especially when you have the Feds bragging about the amount of evidence they have on you.

With his new album leaking online (link below) you have to wonder how long that’s going to keep his fans happy if he ends up having to spend more than just the next year behind bars. Before it did leak you have to think his team was wanting to hold onto it for a little while longer so they could release it down the road to maintain his buzz while he’s locked up.



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