50 Cent Celebrates Anniversary of “Get Rich or Die Tryin”

50 Cent has been a mainstay in hip hop for the last 20 years. He has had incredible success in music, film and business. And you all know 50, he won’t let us forget about it. He took to Instagram posting a picture of the original cover art, reminding everyone it was 16 years ago today the album was made to the public. He also added “I released the largest debut hip hop album ever, 13.3 M Sold.”

While he doesn’t drop nearly as much music as he used to, any fan from back in the day is almost garunteed to still bump his music, especially tracks from “Get Rich or Die Tryin”. Personally I still have ‘Patiently Waiting’, ‘Many Men’, ‘If I Can’t’, ‘PIMP’, and ‘Wanksta’ in heavy rotation on my playlists.

Nowadays 50 is mostly known for his trolling on social media, his continued beef with Ja Rule and his love for memes. Honestly though, can you even call it a beef anymore with Ja Rule? 50 bought the rights to Ja’s music so if Ja makes money off his old tunes, 50 makes money too. Petty but legendary.

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