Cardi B Served Orders Of Protection In Club Assault Case

It’s been a doozy of a week for the Be Careful rapper. On Friday Cardi found herself in Queens criminal arraignment court for misdemeanor charges that date back to August for an alleged club assault. The judge presiding over the case issued her orders of protection (a restraining order).

Cardi got lucky with this one as she missed her first court appearance for this case, and one more absence would have resulted in a warrant being issued for her arrest. She is facing charges if misdemeanor reckless endangerment and assault she picked up on August 29th at the the Angels Gentlemen’s Club in New York.

Cardi is accused of throwing bottles, chairs and even a hookah pipe at two bartenders inside the club, and allegedly ordered her entourage to do the same. The bartenders, Baddie G and Jade, say the attack was ordered by Cardi because she thought Jade had slept with her husband, Offset from Migos.

Cardi B in court sticking her tongue out.

Cardi B was released without no bail even with the prosection demanding a bail of at least $2500 to be set. The rapper will have to return for one more hearing on January 31st next year and with the orders of protection issued against her, she can no longer go near the two bartenders and will probably keep her distance from the Queens strip club.

Cardi B does still have plenty to lose and this wont set her back much, if at all. The stripper-turned-rapper recently learned that she is nominated for five Grammy Awards this upcoming awards season. We will hear more about Cardi’s legal issues on Jan. 31, 2019 when she is due back in court.

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