Joyner Lucas Earns Gold Record For ‘I Am Not Racist’

In the last 12 months or so, Joyner Lucas went from being “Whose this new guy?” to now beefing with Tory Lanez (killing him by the way), and earning Gold Record sales by the RIAA. Oh and let’s not forget he just fulfilled one of his childhood dreams and got to record a feature with Eminem AND got to shoot a music video for that track (which was dope by the way, check it out here).

But this isn’t about his video with Shady, this is about Joyner Lucas earning gold for ‘I’m Not Racist’, a song a lot thought was too controversial when it was first released, but has amassed over 100 million views to date. With the views climbing, I don’t see why it wont go platinum in the near future.

‘I’m Not Racist’ made a huge impact when it dropped, and Lucas really wasn’t expecting the reaction that he got.

“I’m very shocked at the amount of love that I’m seeing. I’m not seeing as much hatred,” he said. “I’m actually seeing a lot of comments along the lines of ”wow, i never looked at things that way before. I can understand where the white man is coming from. I can understand where the black man is coming from'” he said in an interview with CNN.

Still from ‘I’m Not Racist’ after the two men discuss their differences.

Lucas also said it’s “…just my way of changing the world one day at a time,” hinting at possibly more thought provoking and controversial videos to come.

All the praise Joyner Lucas is getting for this song and video is deserved, 100%. Congratulations Joyner! Can’t wait for what you got coming next.


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