Kenny Lou and Ghost Fatally Shot in SW Houston

Up and coming Houston rappers Kenny Lou and Ghost were gunned down in their Mercedes-Benz early Tuesday morning of November 27, 2018.

Rappers Kenny Lou, real name Kenyon Tennessee, and Ghost, Nicholas Esene, were shot and killed at Club Onyx in South West Houston. The pair never made it into the club as they were gunned down outside in their Mercedes-Benz by two unknown suspects in dark clothing.

The first calls of gunshots came in at around 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning with a witness in the club also reporting that they heard gunshots while they were inside. A security guard later went outside to investigate and found the two musicians dead in their vehicle. Authorities report that at least 13 shots were fired into the vehicle.

The late rappers’ vehicle being investigated after the shooting. Photo Courtesy of Fox 26 Houston

Kenny Lou had a felony record and was a known gang member, but with his rap career blossoming with multiple video releases and collaborations this year, he was looking to distance himself from the streets and focus on his career as a rapper. Some of his recent performances included local schools which drew skepticism from local police but he defended his performances saying they were an attempt to mentor kids and teach them to stay away from gang and street life.

“You can still do good. Even though you have a past, a bad past, it’s never too late to change your life,” he told FOX 26 in an recent interview.

His family and friends mourn his death and our thoughts and prayers are with all of them.

Homicide detectives plan to check surveillance video of the club and nearby buildings, hoping to gather more evidence on the two suspected shooters.

As of right now there is no word on what led up to the shooting.

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