Lizzo Says A Dublin Ghost Stole Her Phone During Haunted Castle Visit

Lizzo has embarked on the set of her tour that has the “Truth Hurts” singer performing for her fans on the other side of the pond. During her stop in Dublin, Ireland Lizzo decided to do a tourist attraction by paying a visit to Malahide Castle, a medieval spot outside of the city that’s known to be haunted

Her visit to the castle was a spooky one when she claimed to have come across Puck, a ghost that’s apparently been roaming around the castle for the last few centuries. “He took my phone and he put it in my dancer’s pocket, it was so crazy,” Lizzo told Dublin’s 2FM, as seen below. “They looked all over the castle for it. Then we called it and it was in my dancer’s pocket outside. She was like, ‘How did it get in here?’ It happened after I knocked on his door.”

Lizzo admitted that the castle was very “creepy” but “so beautiful.”

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