RCA Records Won’t Release New R. Kelly Music

R. Kelly is definitely falling on some hard times. In the wake of Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary, the R&B singer has been denounced by his family, past collaborators, many fans and now, possibly his record label.

On Jan. 14th, TMZ reported that RCA/ Sony Music will not release anymore of the 90’s icon’s music, nor fund any new projects until investigations in Georgia and Chicago have finished. The label has been facing backlash for releasing his last four albums and may be at the end of the road with Kelly.

According to TMZ, RCA themselves knows there will be a “viral firestorm” if they continued to release his music. Sources close to R. Kelly say he has been in the studio working on his end of the contract, producing two more albums. If the label drops Kelly before any criminal charges are filed in order to save face, Kelly could sue. But it is more likely that the two parties work out a deal between themselves.

An additional report from TMZ is that Kelly isn’t happy with his label situation. This has been kind of obvious as the “Bump N’ Grind” singer has been releasing new music through Soundcloud and social media. And if RCA/ Sony doesn’t enable Kelly, then he’s going to walk.

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