Accused killer Kyle Rittenhouse got some help from a few famous people this week, and as a result, he’s free on bail.

Ricky Schroder made a “significant contribution” which led to Rittenhouse posting $2 million cash bail … this according to Rittenhouse’s famed lawyer, Lin Wood. We’re told Schroder contributed $150,000 to the bail fund.

Wood posted a photo of his client and Schroder, saying, “Thank you, All Donors. Thank you, All Patriots. Thank God Almighty.”

In addition to Schroder, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell also donated and attorney Wood thanked both Schroder and Lindell for “putting us over the top.” We’re told Lindell donated $50,000.

17-year-old Rittenhouse is now free pending trial. He’s accused of shooting and killing 2 men and wounding a third during the demonstrations in Kenosha, Wisconsin, surrounding the police shooting of Jacob Blake. He claims he acted in self-defense.


Wood tweeted a picture of fellow defense team lawyer John Pierce and Schroder embracing and smiling with Rittenhouse.

“Just off phone with Kyle. With tears in my eyes, I listened as he expressed thanks to The People for your prayers, donations & support,” Wood said in tweeted statement. “He prayed every day & night & said God lifted him up every time he fell. Kyle is a hero. So are his supporters. Keep him in your prayers.”

Schroder is a noted Hollywood conservative, while Lindell is vocal supporter of President Donald Trump. Lindell on Friday morning repeated baseless conspiracy theories that Trump was cheated out of landslide victory, in a posting that Twitter flagged.

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