Snoop Dogg Misses Tupac, Shares Throwback Picture

Snoop Dogg says he misses Tupac Shakur, remembering him on Throwback Thursday.

Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur had a legendary relationship, operating as two parts of an important hip-hop puzzle. They often crossed paths as collaborators, working together on many occasions before Pac’s untimely passing in 1996. 

Since then, Snoop has used his platform to dedicate tributes to the late rapper, usually waiting for Throwback Thursday to deliver his messages to his friend. Today, he shared a solo picture of the legendary figure in hip-hop.

“Miss u Cuz,” wrote the West Coast staple on a photo of Tupac dressed formally, wearing a suit with a gold watch and bracelet on his wrists.

Generally, Snoop will come through with multiple TBT posts per week. This is his first. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get to catch a few others throughout the day.

Tupac’s name was in the news recently because of Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ remarks during an interview. She was asked about her take on the best rapper alive, to which she responded “Tupac”. As you all know, the rapper has been dead for over twenty years, making her response questionable. 

As for Snoop, the rapper has been cheering on his Lakers in the NBA Finals as they face off against the Heat. He is confident that they will finish this series in five games, already winning the first match-up.

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