Mr. Not Guilty talks about his life as an artist and suffering from incomplete paralysis

Houston artist “Mr. Not Guilty” lives up to the quote ” Never give up”. Born in Fifth Ward and raised on the East Side of Houston, Texas he faced many obstacles, but he didn’t let that stop him from chasing his dreams. At age fifteen he went to juvenile for an undisclosed reason and with his time in there he would study the dictionary and write music.
“Mr. Not Guilty” was torn between the street life and being an artist. He ran into some trouble at age nineteen and suffered from incomplete paralysis after being shot in the back while running from the cops. Having to adjust to a wheel chair caused him to become angry because he couldn’t do the things everyone else was doing. Although it was a stressful life changing event, revenge was never in his thoughts. He stated he knew what he was doing and it would either lead him to jail or the grave, but he never thought he would end up in a wheel chair.

His rap name stems from everyone in his hood calling him guilty, so he took the mockery and put a twist to it.
Inspired by Z-Ro , he listens to his music to get him through a lot of things. He stated that Z-Ro came from the bottom and he believes it can happen for him too.

If you listen to “Mr. Not Guilty” you can feel any emotion through his music, his purpose is to open peoples eyes and get a point across by incorporating social commentary instead of making music just to make it.
He currently has one project out and will be releasing a new project the beginning of 2019.
To develop his career as an artist he does a lot of planning and studying the game.
Writing new music is apart of his daily routine, he has four mix tapes that are pending to be released.
His fan base and support system is really strong, he stated ” when I do something, all eyes are on me”.
As an artist , the biggest challenge he faces is having patience.

Hellaween H20 Ft. Loke Budro is his new hot single that he is pushing and the message behind the single is “to target every race and wake everyone up to realize we are all on the same boat and if we don’t get it together the city will be in flames”. The Visual for this single will be being released soon. His latest visual released was to his single “Rear View” which you can find YouTube.

What is your outlook on the rap scene?
“You’re a man just like i’m a man, why would you ask someone for a handout? Do it yourself..the younger generation needs some guidance”.

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