The Weeknd Releases “After Hours” Deluxe With Lil Uzi Vert The Weeknd – After Hours (Deluxe)

After Hours (Deluxe)

The Weeknd adds five new remixes to the “After Hours” deluxe version, including a lone appearance from Lil Uzi Vert.

Expected to have one of the best-selling albums of the entire year, Toronto native The Weeknd is winning right now. Despite the current state of the world, we were blessed with some fantastic new music last week, including the entirety of Abel Tesfaye’s latest body of work. The singer is one of the most celebrated voices of this generation, and he didn’t let us down this time around. With hit singles “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights” building us up, the brand new deluxe version breathes new light into those same tracks.

Most artists will release a deluxe edition of their album with bonus tracks that failed to make the initial cut. The Weeknd operates on his own wavelength though. The 30-year-old recording artist added a handful of remixes at the tail end of After Hours, including the Chromatics’ version of “Blinding Lights,” an OPN remix of “Save Your Tears,” and the Lil Uzi Vert-assisted version of “Heartless.”

The official deluxe edition of After Hours is out now on all global streaming platforms. Let us know what you think of the album and be sure to give the extended collection a stream below.

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1. Alone Again
2. Too Late
3. Hardest To Love
4. Scared To Live
5. Snowchild
6. Escape From LA
7. Heartless
8. Faith
9. Blinding Lights
10. In Your Eyes
11. Save Your Tears
12. Repeat After Me (Interlude)
13. After Hours
14. Until I Bleed Out
15. Blinding Lights (Chromatics Remix)
16. Save Your Tears (OPN Remix)
17. Heartless (Vaporwave Remix) [feat. Lil Uzi Vert & DaHeala]
18. After Hours (The Blaze Remix)
19. Scared To Live (SNL Live)

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