Donald Glover Presents New Album “3.15.20”

Donald Glover has officially released his new album, “3.15.20,” after teasing fans last weekend with a temporary 12-hour stream of the project.

After streaming for a mere 12 hours online before disappearing, Donald Glover’s 3.15.20 has officially dropped. Exactly one week ago, on March 15th, 2020 (hence the title of the album), the eclectic artist had fans reeling when a mysterious website called “Donald Glover Presents” appeared online. The website was streaming a 12-track collective of new music from Glover—known artistically by his nom de plume, Childish Gambino—but was quickly taken down after only 12 hours. Of course, for all of us who didn’t get to hear what the innovative artist had in store, the removal of the project was mad disappointing, but Glover raised our spirits once again when he launched a cryptic countdown on a new website a few days later. The clock was counting down to early Sunday morning, and Mr. Glover came through with his first solo body of work in four years.

Featuring appearances from artists like Ariana Grande , 21 Savage, and Khadja Bonet, 3.15.20 is available on all streaming platforms, as a standard track-by-track version under Childish Gambino, or as a continuous play version under Donald Glover Presents. We’ve included the track-by-track version from Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud, and the continuous play version from Youtube. Fans can also experience the album simultaneously at for a limited time. Immerse yourself in 3.15.20 and let us know what you think. 

3.15.20 Tracklist
1. 0.00
2. Algorhythm
3. Time (ft. Ariana Grande)
4. 12.38
5. 19.10
6. 24.19
7. 32.22
8. 35.31
9. 39.28
10. 42.26
11. 47.48
12. 53.49

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