Dallas, Tx community mourning the loss of rapper C Struggs !!

The late Dallas rapper ” C Struggs” fought for his life, until he couldn’t fight anymore. Struggs had been in and out of the hospital for many reasons, but it wasn’t until November 14th, 2017 he was diagnosed with a rare head and neck cancer. In March of 2018 he sat down with Gutta Tv and spoke about his journey with cancer, he said he had been going through chemotherapy and it was working because the tumors had shrunk.

On April 3rd, 2018 he was put into a 4 day medically induced coma for head and neck surgery to remove the cancerous tumors he had. He expressed on a facebook post that he needed prayers before going into surgery and that he was mentally drained. Friends and fans sent their wishes and prayers to Struggs through his social media platforms, he had alot of support behind him.
However, he experienced kidney failure during his coma which caused it to last longer then usual. Struggs was in a coma for 3 weeks and doctors didn’t expect him to make it.

Just when people began to lose hope, he over powered the coma and made a major comeback.
Instead of dwelling on the long hard days, Struggs used that fuel and put it into his career as an artist. He used his platform to make a statement which was to keep going and never give up.Struggs continued to battle with different health issues due to his cancer, but that didn’t stop him. Last week it had been confirmed that his cancer had spread through out his entire body and they did everything they could possibly do, his family stated the doctors advised them that he had 2 months to live. After hearing the news a close source stated he wanted to shoot as many videos as possible while he was in the hospital.
Music related content continued to be uploaded to his platforms , however it wasn’t until earlier today sad news began to circulate.
Around 11 a.m this morning, it had been reported that he had gotten worse and was not responsive. As the news got out, his supporters began to repost his pictures and sent out many prayers. Through out the day, everyone hoped for the best, but feared for the worst. After putting up a great fight, Struggs was pronounced deceased around 5 p.m today leaving behind two young children. His death has saddened many.

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