Houston Rapper J King talks about his rap career and Kings Kuts 2

If you aren’t familiar with the name J King, now is the time to start getting familiar with it. The Houston, Texas artist Jessie King started his rap career at an early age, but didn’t start taking it serious until the beginning of 2016 and his dedication for music has continued to grow since then. He overcame the many battles he faced in the streets of Sunny Side and gave up the street life to focus on his dream as an artist.

King stated he was ” inspired by bosses like J Prince, Master P, and Jay-z or anyone who came from the same background as him and made something out themselves.”The motive behind King’s work is making sure he keeps it real and brings originality to his music. He uses his music as his platform to tell stories about what he’s been through in life from a teenager to a grown man, to a wiser man.

Networking and grinding plays a major role in how he has developed his career as an artist. He has done multiple features with other artists such as ESG of S.U.C, Big Pokey, Tyte Eyez, Bigg Third, Yung Moe, Big Bee from woss ness click, Trilly Polk and many more. King has four projects out and will be releasing his fifth mixtape next month, it is expected to have some major artist that represent the city of Houston. His current mixtapes are available on all platforms and you can find his music videos on Youtube.

What’s next for J King?
“Success”, he stated and opening up Kings Kuts 2. Kings Kuts is his own business he started for him and his family to fall back on in case his career as an artist didn’t go as planned.
“Dope boys got they money, got in the game and then got out the game”, a quote by Scarface that inspired King to look into a different direction.He knew for sure that he didn’t want to work for anybody so he invested into Kings Kuts ; his barbershop “Where your satisfaction is our reward”.

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