Houston’s Own: Yella Boy Brice

There’s a sweet new sound coming out of H-Town, and its name is Yella Boy Brice. Born and raised in Houston on the northside in Lakewood, Brice is a fresh, young talent trying to make his name in the rap game. He’s been rapping for about 3 years now, getting comfortable with flows and figuring out his own style. But in the last 8 months, he’s really kicked it up a notch by spending a majority of his time in the studio cooking up new songs. He’s definitely on the right path, Brice started off freestyling at lunch tables just playing around but grew more of a passion for it as basketball kind of unfolded in high school.

Yella Boy faced a lot adversity in his early days with losing several family members to street violence. And it wasn’t until after the death of his close cousin, Craig, who he grew up with, that he became truly inspired to “go harder and turn my pain into passion”.

Brice says he draws a lot of his influence from successful artists like T.I. and Kevin Gates, which you can clearly see in his upcoming single “Regular Pedestrian”, releasing on March 9th on platforms like Spotify, Tidal & more. I got to have the pleasure of working on the music video for “Regular Pedestrian” and got to hear the song early and let me tell you this… It f’kn bumps! Brice found a unique sound to go with his voice and creates a catchy song you can’t help but rap along to once you know the words.

Q & A w/ Yella Boy Brice:

Q. What is one of your immediate goals with your music? What’s a long term goal? 5 or 10 years from now?

A. I want to put out a couple of good mixtapes and a couple good visuals to go along with the best songs and get known in my city, Houston. After that the goal is to be known and loved so much I can take 3 years off if I need to, and then come back and drop an album and still be relevant globally, like legendary status.

Q. If you could pick one Houston artist to collab with, who would it be?

A. If I could bring back Pimp C, for sure him. Right now I would have to pick either Slim Thug or J-Dawg.

Q. If you could pick one artist from anywhere, who would it be?

A. T.I. for sure.

Q. What inspired “Regular Pedestrian”?

A.I just recorded it in the studio without much writing or thinking behind it. When the beat came on and I started rapping it just felt right and I really believed in it.

Q. When and where is the music video for “Regular Pedestrian” releasing?

A. March 9th on Worldstar.com

Q. Do you have anything you want to say to current or future supporters?

A.Thank you everybody. Those of you that have already been rocking with me, keep rocking with me. And if I end up making new fans at the end of the day, all I can really say is thank you and keep listening for more.

Be sure to check out Yella Boy Brice and his brand, Jungle Baby Ent., when his first single and video drops on March 9th. We will be sure to remind y’all.

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